The Center for Astrobiology at Truman has a mission is to engage students and faculty in interdisciplinary astrobiology research, develop new opportunities for including astrobiology in the curriculum, and sharing information about astrobiology with the Truman and Kirksville communities.

The interdisciplinary field of astrobiology seeks to answer fundamental questions about the history and future of life on Earth, and the potential for life elsewhere in the Universe. Faculty and undergraduate students from Biology, Chemistry, and Physics form an astrobiology-themed research community. Individual research teams work independently on astrobiologically relevant projects, and come together at weekly community-building events to share knowledge across disciplines and to foster a sense of shared purpose. Students and faculty have the opportunity to increase their exposure to astrobiology through field trips to a research observatory, NASA Field Centers, and a major astrobiology conference.

All work is supported by funds from Truman State University and non-affiliate awards from the Missouri Space Grant Consortium which is funded by NASA.